Putting the “Super” back in Superheroes: The Supergirl Premiere

Oh my goodness – that’s what I’m talking about!

I don’t have much time, but the Supergirl Season 2 premiere deserves a double thumbs up.


No offense to Henry Cavill who has done his best with crappy, gloomy material but Supergirl has now given us not only a great Kara Danvers but also a fun, and funny, Superman!  I haven’t been this giddy about an episode of television in a long time.

It also didn’t hurt that there were multiple geek shoutouts to the original Christopher Reeve Superman film, and that Cat Grant’s crush on Clark Kent (along with a quick reference to Dean Cain’s character) gave me Lois and Clark flashbacks.

Nicely done CW – can’t wait for more.

Comic Confessions: Superhero Saturday

Today I read this article about a copy of the first issue of the Superman comic selling for nearly 1 million dollars.  Of course, I agree that it’s an iconic piece of American culture worth the price tag, but it got me thinking about my relationship with comic books.

The rare copy of a comic book was expected to sell for  $750,000, but sold for $956,000 instead.

So true confession time….it’s a struggle for me to read comic books.

Especially reading them a single issue at a time.  For a person who can read nearly 100 pages an hour of a novel, the 10 seconds of story line you get in a single issue of a comic book is a little frustrating. It feels more like a really cool uber-specific art exhibit than a story.  I do better with graphic novels and comic compilations and have read some really good ones, honestly in part to keep up some level of superhero geek cred, but a single issue of a comic is tough.

I have huge respect for comics as a medium for story telling and artistic expression.  I think they can be especially great for reluctant readers and visual learners.  And every time I find myself interested in a character that started out in the comics I always do some research so I understand a little bit about the origins and history of that character. My way in to comics has almost always been through something else – I started reading Superman and Green Arrow comic compilations because of movies and TV.

There’s also the fact that, until recently, I was not the target audience for most superhero comic books – and sometimes the overpowering aura of male fantasy interfered a bit with my ability to enjoy the stories and art.

I definitely think that’s changing – and I’m constantly hearing about Batgirl, or Squirrel Girl, or some great early Superman story line that I’d love to read – so maybe there’s hope for me yet.  Or maybe, someday, if I’m lucky they’ll make a movie out of it for comic book slackers like me.


Favorite Heroes in 3 Words: Superhero Saturday

Just a little exercise to see if I could be succinct for once 🙂 This list is based on nothing but my own, “Hey, I think he/she is pretty awesome” criteria.

#10 The Atom/Ray Palmer

Genius, Optimist, Nerd

#9 Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Tenacious, Dry-Witted, Assassin

#8 Captain America/Steve Rogers

Patriotic, Loyal, Fossil

#7 Professor X/Charles Xavier

Wise, Telepathic, Wheels

#6 Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Sassy, Everyman, Archer

#5 Supergirl/Kara Zor-El Danvers

Adorkable, Powerful, Committed

#4 Wolverine/Logan

Indestructible Claws Bub

#3 The Flash/Barry Allen

Sincere, Lightning, Geek

#2 Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

 Stubborn, Smart-Aleck, Survivor

#1 Superman/Clark Kent

Original, Incorruptible, Hero


In Honor of Lois Lane: Superhero Saturday

This week I’ve been reading Gwenda Bond’s great YA novel, Lois Lane: Double Down, which is a sequel to the equally fantastic Lois Lane: Fallout. I love these books, and I wish I could go back in time and give them as a gift to my teenage self.

Second only to the fact that she loved to write, that teenage girl was on her high school and college newspapers because she wanted to be Lois Lane.  Now, my career path eventually changed, but my love for this character never has. She’s strong and funny and compassionate and smart – and yes, she should realize who’s behind Clark’s glasses (that’s the biggest thing Man of Steel did right), and some versions of her should spend less time screaming – but she is often, and I mean this, the person I channel when I’m trying to feel strong or daring.

Some people might argue that Lois Lane is not a superhero, and maybe they’re right.  But if the definition of a superhero is someone who uses their skills in a unique way to take down crime and corruption, then Lois certainly fits the bill.  She’s also been around as long as Superman, appearing right along side our favorite Boy Scout in Action Comics #1 in 1938.

And though there are may reasons that Superman is my favorite one of them has to be that he has the good sense to love Lois Lane.

Lois Lane