A True Superhero Saturday

So this post comes a little early but my clock says it’s been Saturday for the last two minutes.   Friday I was lucky enough to go to my local geek convention and I had a great day. I went with my good friend/cousin who gets as excited about this stuff as I do.  So that made it extra special. There were lots of great cos-players, friendly vendors and artists, and so much wonderful geek stuff on display it was hard to know where to look.


For instance – I don’t hang a lot of posters anymore, but the above vendor had a pretty epic selection if I suddenly decided to change up my artwork – especially liked the row of superhero posters above. They were also the only place that really had anything related to the DCTV Supergirl, something we were both on the hunt for – but a poster wasn’t quite the right fit.

I did come home with a new Green Arrow shirt and also had one genuine superhero encounter.  I met Rip Hunter of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in the form of a very polite and friendly Arthur Darvill (who was also Rory Williams from Doctor Who,  it was a double fangirl moment) and came home with a great new autograph for my geek wall.   It really was a true superhero day.




DC TV Crossover Wish List: Superhero Saturday


So the DC TV universe has hinted that the CW shows will probably have some massive crossover event this year.  Here’s my wishlist for that event:

  • For the adventure plot to be character based – and centered around a character or characters we know and love- like Kara, Barry, Oliver, Ray, Cisco, Felicity, or Caitlin etc.  I’d rather not see it used just to further some new character or villain.
  • At least one “Super” in-joke between Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer and the Supergirl gang.
  • That we get to see John Diggle’s reaction to Supergirl – both the flying and the fact that she’s an alien (apparently David Ramsey said he wanted this too so I’m hopeful)
  • Maybe a sort of “nerds united” vibe – with the mega brain trust of Winn, Felicity, Curtis, Cisco, Ray, & Dr. Stein.
  • If someone (or they themselves) could notice that Kara and Felicity have a lot in common that could be fun.  A simple “I love your glasses” would be enough.
  • I’d like to see one of our heroes be really out of their element and have to deal with that – Kara dealing with being in another universe or Oliver having to deal with being  a normal human in the midst of all these powered folks.
  • Honestly, even if this just happens and I get to see Oliver, Barry, and Kara on screen together in some way – I’ll be very happy.

Favorite Heroes in 3 Words: Superhero Saturday

Just a little exercise to see if I could be succinct for once 🙂 This list is based on nothing but my own, “Hey, I think he/she is pretty awesome” criteria.

#10 The Atom/Ray Palmer

Genius, Optimist, Nerd

#9 Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Tenacious, Dry-Witted, Assassin

#8 Captain America/Steve Rogers

Patriotic, Loyal, Fossil

#7 Professor X/Charles Xavier

Wise, Telepathic, Wheels

#6 Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Sassy, Everyman, Archer

#5 Supergirl/Kara Zor-El Danvers

Adorkable, Powerful, Committed

#4 Wolverine/Logan

Indestructible Claws Bub

#3 The Flash/Barry Allen

Sincere, Lightning, Geek

#2 Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

 Stubborn, Smart-Aleck, Survivor

#1 Superman/Clark Kent

Original, Incorruptible, Hero


Squee Warning: Fandom Collision in Progress

Today The Flash announced that Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame will be joining the series as a cast regular.  Now we get to wonder – good guy or bad guy?


Honestly, one of the most awesome things about the DC TV universe is that they seem to revel in cross-fandom friendly casting. Wonder Woman Linda Carter is joining Supergirl to play the President of the United States.  Between Arrow and Legends there are four different members of the Doctor Who cast playing regular or recurring roles.  Heck Arthur Darvill even plays a “Time Master.”


They also don’t shy away from fun winks and nudges to the origins of the actors, especially on The Flash.  When Star Wars’s Mark Hamill played a villain he got to evilly cackle the famous, “I Am Your Father” line.  And the first time Superman Brandon Routh’s character Ray Palmer was introduced it was with the classic “Is that a bird? Is that a plane?”

Yes I’m a nerd.  And it’s so so awesome.


“Like A Girl”: Fan Art Friday

This has definitely been a week of thinking about how women are depicted in the superhero genre.  I’ve been listening to a kind of weird audio book about the creator of Wonder Woman (more on that tomorrow) and it got me pondering on this phrase –

“Like a Girl”  is traditionally used as an insult – but I’ve seen some great geek art lately that turns that idea on it’s head.  I thought the DC TV “girls” deserved their own version, and I couldn’t find one.  So made my own.

Probably the only time I’ll contribute to Fan Art Friday – but I wanted to share.

Long live the nerdgirls.




Some Thoughts on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Superhero Saturday

The Satisfying Finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


A few weeks ago I talked about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the fact that I like the characters of Ray Palmer, Sarah Lance, and Rip Hunter.  I also like the idea of an ensemble show about a team of heroes who travel through time to save humanity. This week capitalized on those things – my favorite twist was that the team had to kill the villain (who I have not been crazy about) simultaneously at three separate moments in history.  All three deaths were satisfying conclusions (a grieving and pissed off Sarah completing the task by hand was particularly impressive), and thankfully freed the show from an ancient Egyptian based plot that managed to be both convoluted and laughable. To further that end they also said goodbye (at least for now) to Hawkman and Hawkgirl who were bogged down by that same faux Egyptian nonsense, among other things.

I always like it when season finales manage to both bring the season to a satisfying conclusion, and make you excited to tune in next year – and this episode did that.  I’m actually more excited about this show then I’ve been since it started.

3 Supergirls & Some “Legends”: Superhero Saturday


I’ve told people that I would watch Supergirl even if it sucked, just because of how important it is to me that this show exists.  Luckily, it doesn’t suck.  In fact most of the time I’m watching I’m grinning from ear to ear.

This week’s episode was no exception.  Not just because I love Melissa Benoist’s sunny, sincere take on the heroine, but also due to the spectacular geekiness to be had in a single episode.  Because it guest starred Helen Slater who played Supergirl in the 1984 movie and Laura Vandervoort who played  Supergirl in Smallville, the episode had three Supergirls.  It also had  references to three Supermen, with a brief view of Kara’s adopted dad played by Lois and Clark‘s  Dean Cain, a quick splash of red and blue that is the series’s version of Supes, and a Man of Steel reference to the “S” shield standing for hope.  Nice job.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow take on the Old West

I’m a somewhat lukewarm fan of Legends.  I adore the character of Ray Palmer/The Atom played by Brandon Routh (which means my blog now has a fourth reference to Superman, yay!), and I generally enjoy Rip Hunter, Dr. Stein, and Sarah Lance.  The rest of the characters, and the overall premise of the show, could use a little work.

This week they were in the Old West which, since I’m a history nerd in my other life, helped.  One of my favorite things was that they resisted the urge to make all of the buildings look “weathered” and “aged” since most towns in the 1870s would have been newly constructed.  I also liked that they managed to work in a huge old-fashioned gunfight rescue and a full-on superhero battle in the same show.

One last word –

Those of you who know me are thinking “What?  She didn’t talk about Arrow or The Flash?”  Well, only because they weren’t on this week 🙂