Who You Gonna Call? – Yep, Still the Ghostbusters


When I first heard they were recasting Ghostbusters with an all female cast I was definitely interested.  Why not make a movie with all women as the heroes – is that such a strange idea in the 21st Century?  Well apparently to some people it was – and I honestly couldn’t believe the amount of anti-female crap that got tossed at this film before anyone even saw it.

But then I saw the trailer – and I was worried.  To me it was all stupid gags and CGI nonsense.

Still, when a friend wanted to go see it this weekend, and also pulled the “I want to support a female led” movie card, I gave in and decided to give the new Ghostbusters a try.

Thank goodness I did.

As a person whose loved action and sci-fi movies since I was a little girl, I should have been prepared for how good it felt to see this eclectic blend of awesome women take on the adventure of saving New York from Slimer and Co.  I instantly identified with Kristen Wiig’s character Erin Gilbert, a woman trying to hide her nerdy, unusual past in order to make it in serious academia.  And almost every time mad scientist Holtz spoke or moved it was a laugh out loud moment.  (Also I didn’t think I could like Chris Hemsworth any more than I already did – I was wrong.  Don’t worry, my husband already knows.)

Was it perfect?  No.  There was in fact too much CGI, and the plot could have been a little more developed.  But it was a fun new story that honored the original – and the all female cast?

They were Ghostbusters.