I love stories  – books, movies, TV, you name it, and I have a particular predilection for those stories that contain fantastical elements – like that hero in the red cape, or those rebels and their Millennium Falcon, or the girl with The Blue Sword.  You get the picture.

I also write a lot – mostly novels, but other things too.  I’m on a quest (and sometimes it feels as epic and impossible as any fantastical hero’s) to find a way to share that writing with the world.

So this blog is a way to celebrate all of my imagined friends.  The ones created by others (Dana Scully, Malcolm Reynolds, Hermione Granger, Felicity Smoak…) and the ones I’ve created who are still trying to find their place in the world.

For more about why I write, check out these posts:

Why I Write – Part I

Why I Write – Part II


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