Superhero TV is My Kryptonite: Superhero Saturday

From the time I can remember until, say, my mid 20s I was a serious television addict – I could have told you, generally anyway, what was on prime time network TV on every night of the week and my schedule for watching it.  Plus, in the years when I had cable I usually had a syndicated show or two that I was dedicated to (my seventh grade self pretty much planned her life around the twice daily showings of Airwolf on the USA network – I wish I was kidding.)

Then I grew up a little and the tv landscaped changed.  I still had my shows –  things like Gilmore Girls, and Lost, and Castle – but nothing that really made me cross the line from reasonable adult fan to tv fangirl addict.  Plus, viewership changed with Hulu and DVR and Netflix. So I thought I was past all that.

But maybe not.

Image result for cw superhero shows

This television season I will have six  shows that are must watch for me every week – yep, six.  And five of the six?  They are, of course, superhero shows.

Thank goodness I have a DVR – or I’d never leave the house.




One thought on “Superhero TV is My Kryptonite: Superhero Saturday

  1. Julie Anderson October 6, 2016 / 11:57 am

    Oh man, I used to watch A LOT of TV. I, too, would know everything that was each of the broadcast channels, regardless if I watched it. Prior to DVRs! I would record multiple shows while I was at work or doing something. Slowly shows I liked started ending at the same time. I haven’t had appointment television since probably Season 4 of Parks and Rec. It’s crazy how things have changed with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.

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