Late to the Agents of SHIELD party: Superhero Saturday

Several times over the last few years when I’ve told people either how much I like superhero TV or how much I like The Avengers some version of this conversation has gone down:

Them: Oh, so do you watch Agents of SHIELD?

Me: No, I’ve tried several times to get into it and it just wasn’t …

Them: Yeah, the first few episodes aren’t very good, but it gets better

Me: When does it get better?  Could I just skip to that episode?

They then proceeded (and I’m not kidding, this has literally happened four or five times) to give a complicated explanation of how the first season of SHIELD had to build up to Captain America: Winter Soldier and there were several things they didn’t want to spoil that made the show better….and honestly, I’d kinda tuned out by then.

But one day last week the show was in my recommended list on Netflix (again) and I randomly chose an episode from later in Season 1.  That first episode was kind of blah…but it was okay….so a few days later I watched another one…and then another one…and now, well I’m a few episodes into Season 2 and willing to admit it’s pretty enjoyable.  (I think a solid 80% of the credit goes to Clark Gregg – Can I vote for Phil Coulson for President?)

It’s still not as dear to my heart as Arrow or Supergirl, but it’s a fairly fun summer binge-watching choice.  And I admit I’m pretty happy that I’ll never have to have the above conversation again.





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