DC TV Crossover Wish List: Superhero Saturday


So the DC TV universe has hinted that the CW shows will probably have some massive crossover event this year.  Here’s my wishlist for that event:

  • For the adventure plot to be character based – and centered around a character or characters we know and love- like Kara, Barry, Oliver, Ray, Cisco, Felicity, or Caitlin etc.  I’d rather not see it used just to further some new character or villain.
  • At least one “Super” in-joke between Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer and the Supergirl gang.
  • That we get to see John Diggle’s reaction to Supergirl – both the flying and the fact that she’s an alien (apparently David Ramsey said he wanted this too so I’m hopeful)
  • Maybe a sort of “nerds united” vibe – with the mega brain trust of Winn, Felicity, Curtis, Cisco, Ray, & Dr. Stein.
  • If someone (or they themselves) could notice that Kara and Felicity have a lot in common that could be fun.  A simple “I love your glasses” would be enough.
  • I’d like to see one of our heroes be really out of their element and have to deal with that – Kara dealing with being in another universe or Oliver having to deal with being  a normal human in the midst of all these powered folks.
  • Honestly, even if this just happens and I get to see Oliver, Barry, and Kara on screen together in some way – I’ll be very happy.

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