Perpetual Homework

There’s a quote I’ve seen floating around on the internet that goes like this:

“Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.” – Lawrence Kasdan


I tried to find the source of this quote and couldn’t, but even if Mr. Kasdan didn’t say this, someone certainly should, because it’s very true.

I was out of town this last weekend to celebrate the holiday with some family, and while I didn’t touch a laptop or even a notebook (bad writer girl, bad!) my work as a writer was still following me around.

On our five hour drive through the desert, my husband had to/got to hear about a new novel idea I’ve been tossing around.

When I had a minute one evening I searched Pinterest for reference pictures to help me describe my character’s clothing in a pivotal scene.

Standing amongst a bunch of people on a street to catch a glimpse of fireworks I was taking mental notes about the interactions of strangers for when I write crowd scenes.

And, well, I was thinking about what my next blog post might be.

But while not being able to walk away from your work might sound like a bad thing – to me it’s a blessing.  There’s something useful to learn from every situation, somewhere interesting to send my mind when I’m bored or stressed, and had I wanted to be disciplined, all I need to work is the wonderfully portable combo of pen and paper.

So here’s to taking your writer’s work home….and on the road…and everywhere and anywhere you want it to go.



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