The Flash, 5 Best Episodes: Superhero Saturday

Here are my picks for the five best episodes of The Flash, so far anyway.

4. Fallout, Season 1

As you can tell from my favorite episode lists I’m a sucker for multi-hero episodes and to me this episode really introduces Firestorm (well Firestorm 1.0 anyway) plus one of my favorite characters is Caitlin – and I think the story line of this episode, gaining back her once dead fiancé only to be okay with letting him go to keep her life, is one of the strongest for her in Season 1.

3. Crazy For You, Season 1

Okay -so I’m not the ‘shipper on The Flash that I am on Arrow.  Really, I don’t care who Barry dates, but I do think he and Caitlin, as friends or whatever, are kinda sweet. This has one of the cutest sets of scenes (and one of the most gentlemanly uses of Barry’s superpower) in all of the show – I’m especially fond of the karaoke.  There’s also some great scenes between Barry and his dad, or well, both his dads 🙂

2. Welcome to Earth-2, Season 2

As a geek I’m always kind of a sucker for time travel or cross dimension stories when they’re done right.  And this one is.  I love the evil versions of Caitlin, Cisco, and Ronnie, a Barry who on one hand, finally has Iris, but on the other is kind of a wimp, and getting to hear Joe West sing.  (Seriously they need a musical ep of The Flash, for proof see this video)

1. (Tie) I couldn’t bring myself to choose between these two episodes

Fast Enough, Season 1 Finale

Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash was a terrific bad guy and Team Flash takes him down in an epic episode that causes the death of not one, but two, likeable characters.  (Poor Eddie, the minute my husband heard the villains last name he predicted the guy was toast).  I was also particularly moved by Barry’s choice to be there for, but not save, his mother when he traveled back in time – which is kinda why I didn’t totally love Season Two’s finale, but that’s a story for another day.

Flash vs. Arrow, Season 1

Of course.

This was the first of what has been, and hopefully will be, a series of great crossover episodes in the DC TV universe.  The Arrow gang (OTA only, thank you!) is in Central City – and everything from Digg’s reaction to Barry’s superpowers, to Oliver’s snicker right before he shoots Barry in the back for “training,” to Felicity & Cisco’s joint geekout over bad guy tech is pure superhero television magic.



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