Arrow, 5 Best Episodes: Superhero Saturday

This is the first Saturday since I started my blog that I don’t have an obvious topic ready …the perils of the summer hiatus.

So I’m taking a look back at my two favorite superhero shows to talk about the five best episodes so far.  This week I’m going to talk about Arrow and next week I’ll give Barry Allen and Co. their turn.

My Five Best Episodes of Arrow (so far)

5. Darkness on the Edge of Town, Season 1

One of my favorite sequences in all of Arrow is in this episode in which Oliver Queen, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak  break into to Merlyn Global to allow Felicity to hack the system.  The scene contains all the best aspects of the show, great stunts, Felicity and Digg’s friendship, Felicity awkwardly flirting her way to an almost smile from a protective Oliver, and Oliver going toe to toe with the bad guy.  Yeah, more of this please.

4. Unthinkable, Season 2 Finale

Team Arrow (the expanded version) takes down my favorite villain Slade Wilson, and does it by being the heroes.  The tunnel fight between Oliver and his gang and Slade’s superjuiced goons is one of the best action sequences in TV, and Oliver’s “unthinkable” move of using Felicity to capture Slade without killing him is an epic moment for both of their characters.  Plus the “happy ending” scene at the end is pure Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle goodness.

3. State v. Queen, Season 2

So, yes, I’m a superhero nerd, dyed in the wool- but with this pick, well, let’s just say my ‘shipper side is showing.  The scene where Oliver leaves his mother’s murder trial to save Felicity from Count Vertigo and it’s hand-holding mush eyes aftermath … be still my fangirl heart.

2. The Climb, Season 3 Midseason Finale

Season 3 definitely had problems, but Arrow has a tradition of strong mid-season finales (what they call the episode before they go on a long holiday hiatus.)  The ending may have been the biggest shock in the show’s history, with Oliver being stabbed with a sword through the stomach and pushed off a cliff  – but here’s the thing, this was a hero dying to save his city and his little sister after just making it clear how much he loved his girl and cared about his friends.  It’s a perfect ending – even though it wasn’t.

1. Three Ghosts, Season 2 Midseason Finale

So this could almost be on my favorites list for The Flash since it’s one of the episodes that introduces Barry Allen.  First of all, I can not get enough of Barry Allen and Oliver Queen on screen together – they are a perfect contrast for each other and make for funny, geektastic television.  This episode also gave us our first look at Slade Wilson as the villain, the first Oliver and Felicity hug, and the ghost of Tommy Merlyn – the only dead person on Arrow that I ever really miss.  Plus, the last scene is iconic – Felicity putting Barry’s Christmas gift, a green mask, onto Oliver, and declaring him a hero.



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