Why Not?: Experiments in the Writing Life

Today I’m pitching my books on Twitter for the #PitMad event – if you’d have asked me last week if this was part of my master plan to become a published author I’d have laughed.  Honestly I just heard of it, and trying to sum up your novel in 140 characters is weird, but since I shifted to focusing on my writing a few months ago I’m trying to be open to all kinds of experiences.

Poetry challenge – sure, I’ll try.  Community writing workshop – let’s give it a go.  Writing contests from the local level to the national level – can’t hurt right?

Most of the time I get something great out of it, a return to writing poetry which I haven’t done seriously in years.  Learning new tips and tricks and feeling like part of a community.  And it turns out, however well or poorly, I can, in fact, summarize my novels in 140 characters.

Sometimes this methodology seems scattershot, and it can be taxing to have your focus all over the place, but even when something doesn’t work at all I remember that old Thomas Edison myth/quote about how he “discovered” 1,000 ways not to make a lightbulb.

So for now I’m going to keep trying things – why not?



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