Supergirl’s Move & The Flash has the Force: Superhero Saturday


Supergirl moves to the CW

First of all let me just say that I’m so happy that someone renewed this show for a second season.  Yes this show isn’t perfect (among other things it’s unnecessarily heavy handed with it’s “girl power” sometimes) but this spunky, geeky heroine deserves a second season.

I also hope the move to the CW will help the show – CBS kind of treated it like a poor stepchild, and I hope that’s something a network used to shepherding superhero shows will put an end to.  In addition, as this article from the Washington Post stated “It’s time to get a little geekier.”   Without the pressure to appeal to CBS’s more traditional mainstream viewers, I hope Supergirl can fully embrace nerdy, superhero-y, goodness.

The Flash has the Force

This week’s episode of The Flash was a little weird – and considering this is a show that regularly features giant gorillas and sharkmen, that’s saying something.

In an attempt to give Barry back his lost superpowers they essentially hit him with another bolt of lighting (his father, needless to say, is less than thrilled with this plan.)  This bolt of lighting sent Barry into a….

Well, I’m not really sure.

The short version is that apparently his superpower – speed – is some kind of “force.”  (Yeah, the Star Wars parallels were rampant this week)  This force proceeded to talk to him in the guise of various loved ones, including a tear inducing childhood book reading with his dead mother.

It kind of reminded me of an episode of Lost in which we take a break from the mind bending fantasy-action plot to let the character have a mind bending existential dilemma.   It’s weird, and makes absolutely no logical sense, and yet has emotional resonance.  And well, kudos to Grant Gustin for pulling it off.


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