Captain America, OTA, & Renewal Woes: Superhero Saturday

Hmmm….what to talk about this weekend…..

Oh yeah.  How about this?

Captain America: Civil War

I heard this movie has already broken records, and rightly so.  It’s a terrific superhero movie.  From a writing standpoint, I especially appreciated the way that the story of the new “Avenger” – Black Panther – was cleanly inserted into the larger action/adventure plot.  Proof that you don’t have to sacrifice characterization for plot.

The other great thing about this movie in terms of characterization and plot working together is that the conflict between Iron Man & Captain America, at least for most of the movie, is a legitimate one, and no matter who you’re siding with  (I made my loyalties clear in this post) you can at least understand the perspective of each character.

Other things are fun: the appearances of Spider Man and Ant Man, Hawkeye’s attitude,  and the quick bursts of humor. Even when beating the crap out of each other The Avengers know how to be funny.

The only thing I really didn’t like about this movie? It makes me more annoyed about what Superman vs. Batman could have been and wasn’t.  Speaking of the DC universe…

Arrow Gives Us a Much Needed Dose of OTA

OTA for those of you who don’t know is an acronym in the Arrow fandom that stands for “Original Team Arrow,” the combination of Oliver Queen, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak that I, along with other fans, think is one of the main reasons to watch this show.

This week it was on full display with Oliver & Felicity going to an underground casino (again) and then coming to Digg’s rescue just in the nick of time.  The show needs more of this and less of the convoluted, over-populated plot lines it sometimes favors.

Renewal Woes

Dear CBS,
I watch just two shows on your network – and you’re about to give one of them away. You claim it’s too expensive, and yet the effects are inferior to the lower cost shows on the CW?  How does that work? I hope if you don’t renew it CW takes it and makes a fortune. Sincerely,
A Supergirl Fan



One thought on “Captain America, OTA, & Renewal Woes: Superhero Saturday

  1. charandtheweb May 13, 2016 / 10:32 am

    Nice article! I for one was super happy to get a dose of OTA. Their chemistry is the heart and soul of the show if you ask me. Are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms.

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