Caitlin Snow, Killer Frost, & Choices: Superhero Saturday

Killer Frost

On The Flash this week Caitlin Snow and her Earth-2 (and comic book) alter-ego Killer Frost finally met.  Killer Frost’s malicious amusement at the situation vs. Caitlin’s confused horror was pretty entertaining.  As was Caitlin’s reaction when she found out her evil doppelganger was going to double-cross her – Hey, Caitlin, did we mention she’s your EVIL doppelganger?

These two were presented as the good & evil sides of the same coin – smart, ambitious, and as a previous episode revealed, in love with the same man. Only two things seemed to be truly different 1) Killer Frost got superpowers as a result of the particle accelerator explosion & 2) Killer Frost had decided to use those superpowers for evil.  And I would say that even the first difference doesn’t really count – Caitlin’s life was also radically altered by a similar explosion.

This small moment suggested that it wasn’t the circumstances that made these two characters what they were, good or evil – it was their choices.  The theme of “choices make the hero” was reinforced by the episode’s other plot line – Barry, even without superpowers, risking his life to save another person.

I love the idea that what makes a person a “hero” isn’t their circumstances, but what they choose to do with them.  Also, kudos to Danielle Panabaker for playing two great characters in one episode.


Supergirl Update:  As if in response to my parting shot last week apparently there was a article in Variety this week that gave further hope to the idea that Supergirl will most likely be renewed.  But, you know, I want the official word – and if it came with a little fanfare and a little less “this show didn’t quite do what we wanted it to do” that would be ideal.


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