Am I a Fangirl???

What do you call a person who loves (perhaps to a tiny bit of obsession) a movie, TV show, or book?

In modern society, depending on their gender probably either a fanboy or fangirl.

So why does the title make me uneasy?  Well, mostly, because of this:

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The tricky thing about the term fangirl is it also gets used to describe those young women who are, shall we say, enthusiastically enamored of various celebrities.  In the Sherlock fandom it’s rapturous odes about cheekbones, in Arrow it manifests as too many pictures of Stephen Amell’s stomach (put your shirt on!).  So for a happily married woman, long past her teenage years, it’s a little problematic.

Yes I love The Flash, but I don’t love The Flash.  See what I mean?

I think it’s interesting that I haven’t seen “fanboy” used in quite the same way.  Say the word “fanboy” and people think of dudes who have 1,357 comics in collectible bags or have created their own Klingon to Elvish dictionary.  They don’t think about screaming, crying hordes of teenage boys throwing themselves at the feet of Wonder Woman.

So am I a fangirl?  If you mean did I dance around saying “X-Files, X-Files” in a giddy voice a couple of months ago?  Absolutely.

Do I get emotionally attached to fictional things?  Oh yeah, way attached.

But don’t expect me to faint or throw myself at anyone – even if Superman himself lands on my front lawn.



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