Flash Hostage Crisis & the Girl of Steel Finale: Superhero Saturday

The Flash has a hostage crisis, again

At our house we love The Flash – it’s sincere and dramatic without being dark.   We love Cisco’s geek references and ability to speak for the fans, Joe West’s best-father-on-tv mojo, brilliant and sweet Caitlin, and of course, Barry the slightly nerdy everyman superhero.

And I loved this week’s episode – except for two things.  When the bad guy is there – just standing around – and you have weapons that might allow you to capture him or at least scare him off – why not use them??? Is this a “we made a deal” honor thing – because that really doesn’t fly. He’s a mass murdering, kidnapper bad guy – take him down!  And the second thing – did we really need two “Oh no! He took someone we like” moments in the same show? I’m  worn out on superhero hostage crises and two in one episode felt a bit lazy.

Supergirl’s Great Finale

I got to watch Supergirl and Martian Manhunter save the world and kick Kryptonian bad guy butt – who needs some gloomy movie? We’ve kinda got the Justice League right here, and it’s awesome.  Oh and one more thing….


Have a great Saturday!



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