Writer Pep Talks: 3 Favorites

I love a great pep talk.  Writing is such a solitary endeavor that it’s always a relief to discover a talk or post online that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and hopeful about writing again.   Here are three of my favorites:

Shannon Hale

On this page from her site Shannon Hale posted actual examples of the rejection letters that her agent got from publishers who read her first novel The Goose Girl, which became an award-winning book and the first in a series.   One editor even called her writing “stiff, clichéd, or self-conscious” – yikes.  It was heartening to know that an author I admire once faced such negative feedback on her work.

Rejections: The Goose Girl

Neil Gaiman

One of the best things from this speech is his idea that you should evaluate the things you spend your time and energy on based on whether or not they get you closer to your creative goals – it’s surprisingly hard to do, but it’s a lesson I wish I would have learned at a much younger age.

Elizabeth Gilbert

My favorite thing about this talk is her idea that you have to find your creative “home” not in success or failure but in the work itself.  Oh, and that my mom was the one who suggested this to me.  Thanks Mom!


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