3 Supergirls & Some “Legends”: Superhero Saturday


I’ve told people that I would watch Supergirl even if it sucked, just because of how important it is to me that this show exists.  Luckily, it doesn’t suck.  In fact most of the time I’m watching I’m grinning from ear to ear.

This week’s episode was no exception.  Not just because I love Melissa Benoist’s sunny, sincere take on the heroine, but also due to the spectacular geekiness to be had in a single episode.  Because it guest starred Helen Slater who played Supergirl in the 1984 movie and Laura Vandervoort who played  Supergirl in Smallville, the episode had three Supergirls.  It also had  references to three Supermen, with a brief view of Kara’s adopted dad played by Lois and Clark‘s  Dean Cain, a quick splash of red and blue that is the series’s version of Supes, and a Man of Steel reference to the “S” shield standing for hope.  Nice job.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow take on the Old West

I’m a somewhat lukewarm fan of Legends.  I adore the character of Ray Palmer/The Atom played by Brandon Routh (which means my blog now has a fourth reference to Superman, yay!), and I generally enjoy Rip Hunter, Dr. Stein, and Sarah Lance.  The rest of the characters, and the overall premise of the show, could use a little work.

This week they were in the Old West which, since I’m a history nerd in my other life, helped.  One of my favorite things was that they resisted the urge to make all of the buildings look “weathered” and “aged” since most towns in the 1870s would have been newly constructed.  I also liked that they managed to work in a huge old-fashioned gunfight rescue and a full-on superhero battle in the same show.

One last word –

Those of you who know me are thinking “What?  She didn’t talk about Arrow or The Flash?”  Well, only because they weren’t on this week 🙂




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