Superhero Saturday

At least once a week I need to talk about superheroes.  Well, I’m probably willing and able to talk about them every minute of every day, but for this blog, and because I like alliteration I’m going to dedicate myself to talking about them at least every Saturday.

Warning: These posts are almost always going to contain spoilers, especially for the DC Comics television shows.

First up – my late to the party thoughts on Superman and Batman

Last weekend my husband and I went to see Dawn of Justice. You need to understand two things about me and Superman onscreen. 1) Seeing the S and the cape makes me giddy, even if the movie sucks and 2) My expectations for Superman films are generally low, since I don’t think anything is ever going to top  Christopher Reeve’s Superman.

My overall takeaway – this movie was too dark and pretty uneven.  There were really great moments – connecting Superman and Batman by the fact that their moms have the same name, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane’s spunky reporter stuff, and Superman being a standup guy in the face of a lot of crap.

On the flip side there were things I really didn’t like – too much mayhem (once again), the fact that for a lot of the film I hated Batman worse than the Joker-esque ho-hum Lex Luthor, and, honestly, the fact that Superman had to share this movie with yet another gloomy Batguy at all.

And I posted this on Twitter, but you would think casting Superman would be the hard part, but I feel like the talent of Henry Cavill, like Brandon Routh before him, is kind of being wasted.

Next up for discussion – the big death on Arrow.

I can’t pretend I shed a tear at the death of Laurel Lance.  While I wish Katie Cassidy all the best of luck (and better chemistry with her next co-star) in the future, this character has been a problem since Episode 4, Season 1.   The show writers didn’t seem like they knew what to do with her – the best I could ever say was “Well, Laurel wasn’t terrible this episode.”

I’ve seen a lot of online chatter that blames my fictional BFF Felicity Smoak for the fact that they axed Laurel, but I don’t think they would have needed a Felicity (at least as a romantic interest) if the character of Laurel had actually worked.

Though I’m sad to lose the idea of having the Black Canary on TV, I still think Arrow was smart to jettison this problematic character.



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